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Accommodation tax will start from November 1, 2024

Visitors to Hokkaido’s Niseko mountain resort will be liable to pay up to 2,000 yen per night on hotel and “minpaku” private lodging stays under a new accommodation tax scheme approved Tuesday by Japan’s internal affairs minister.

Visitors will be required to pay between \100 to \2,000 per night based on their nightly room charge, which is divided into five brackets starting from less than \5,001 to \100,000 and over per person.

Nightly room charge (per person per night) Tax amount

Below ~\5,001 \100

Between \5,001~\19,999 \200

Between \20,000~\49,999 \500

Between \50,000~\99,999 \1,000

From \100,000~ \2,000

Please check the link below for further informations.

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